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Welcome to Orevstar, Nigeria. Innovative Power,Energy, Oil, and Gas Services.

We are licensed to provide mud engineering, construction, fabrication, drilling fluids, oil production chemicals and treatment, marine, offshore vessels, and consultation services.

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Who We Are

Orevstar Energy Limited (OEL) was incorporated in Nigeria at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with RC #: 1419811. Fully indigenous, both in ownership and staffing, OEL has an established management team of qualified professionals, ranging from business analysts to world-class leaders with varied oil and gas industry experience of 22 years and above. Over the years, OEL has become one of the best oil and gas service companies in Nigeria, having put in place high levels of human and material resources with state of the art technology.

As a dedicated, committed, and reliable service company, OEL is always ready to make the most of the great opp..
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Our Enabling Innovation

We use state of the art technology to provide energy services from Nigeria to different parts of Africa.

Maintenance and repair

Orevstar is a reliable partner with broad expertise in maintenance and repair to all markets that we serve.
We can extend the life and value of your facilities with complete maintenance, modification and repair services, covering:
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At OEL, we don’t only commit to providing you the right solutions; we take further steps and strategies to ensure that we add value to your operations. Our oil production and oil refining chemicals ..
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Our Services

OEL has licenses and permits to provide the following services, including Mud Engineering, Oil Production, Chemicals & Treatment, Drilling Fluids, Marine, Fabrication, Procurement, and Consultation.


Orevstar Energy Limited (OEL) is one of the leading Marine Service companies in Nigeria. Our Mar..
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Orevstar has become a leader in Africa and across the globe by helping customers meet their cons..
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Drilling Fluid

OEL is a one-stop service company for all your drilling fluid and production chemical requiremen..
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Power Distribution & Generation

OEL is a reliable company that can provide power distribution and generation. We have the expert..
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Engineering Construction

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page..
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Mud Engineering

Orevstar Energy Limited (OEL) is the leading indigenous Oil and Gas services company that specia..
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Procurement & Outsourcing

Procurement is a purchasing activity whose purpose is to give the purchaser best value for money..
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Chemical Production & Treatment

At OEL, we don’t only commit to providing you the right solutions; we take further steps and s..
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Project Management & Consultancy

Orevstar Energy Limited (OEL) is one of the biggest and fastest growing Project management compa..
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Find the latest news and articles about OEL services, blogs, partnerships, current projects, events, and what's happening around the company.

April 7 2020


Whether you are an importer or an exporter, ship consume..
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April 7 2020


In 2019, there was an estimate of more than 95 million b..
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May 11 2020


You might have come across the word "Mud Engineering" ..
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